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Bridge-55 - Finland largest bridge club


Bridge-55 is Finland's largest bridge club. Number of members is approx. 200. It is approx. 15% at members of Bridge League of Finland. B-55 has been received it's club name by year of establishment.

To our club game nights are welcome all interested at Bridge: the beginners, the domestic players and the international guest. Our club is playing every Wednesday at 17:30 in Bridge areena. Bridge Areena is located at Hiomotie 10, Pitäjänmäki, Helsinki.  If You need a partner, please contact to club manager, Ms. Anni Mäkelä.

The new members are warmly welcome to our companion! Membership fee is 50 euros per year. Young people under the age of 25, 12 euros per year. The membership fee includes, in addition to membership fee and club membership fees, the issue of the Bridge magazine for the current year.

A supporting member of our club, must be a member of an another club of the Finnish Bridge league. Supporting membership fee is 10 euros per year.

If You want to come a member, please fill up the application form.

The B-55 and the SBL have a privacy statement for competitions, master points and personal data processing. Read the leaflet.


Application form


I agree to comply with club rules and to pay the applicable fees.


SBL leaves the definition of competition regulations gender categories of gender diversity. Everyone has the right to express their gender with their own ad and in any other way or not to express any gender. Although the SBL based gender diversity, WBF and EBL comply with the competition at their practices, which may be SBL differ from the practices. WBF or EBL competitions teams are required to have gender identity according to WBF or EBL in contests where gender identity is relevant. SBL's competitions, where gender is relevant, are women's competitions and mixed-competitions. In a women's competition, the gender of both players must be a woman. Mixed-competitions another player's gender should be expressed by a woman and sex of another player must be something else.


The Bridge-55 has a member register statement in accordance with the EU Privacy Directive (GDPR). Read the leaflet. The B-55 collects emails and mobile numbers from its members as well, information is not exported to the SBL register. We need a member's consent to provide an e-mail address. Consent must be verifiable.


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