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Bridge-55 is Finland's largest bridge club. Number of members is approx. 200. It is approx. 15% at members of Bridge League of Finland. B-55 has been received it's club name by year of establishment. To our club game nights are welcome all interested at Bridge: the beginners, the domestic players and the international guest. Welcome!

Bridge in Helsinki


Where and when I can play bridge in Helsinki?

Bridge Areena is a place where you can play bridge in Helsinki.

Monday18:00club pairs 
Tuesday18:00club pairs 
Wednesday18:00club pairsBridge-55
Thursday18:00beginner pairs 
Friday13:00club pairs 

Bridge Areena is located at Hiomotie 10, Pitäjänmäki, Helsinki.


But I need a partner! What should I do?

Contact club manager, Mr. Kauko Koistinen.


What systems do people play in Helsinki?

You are most likely to meet pairs playing four card majors, strong notrump and fancy twos (2D=Multi; 2H/S/NT=weak two-suiters).

There is a variety of strong club systems that some play. You might even face a pair playing some kind of a forcing pass system.

There are no system restrictions here.


Sure you folks play standard carding in Helsinki?

The standard carding here is UDCA (low=encouraging/even).


My partner and I play variable NT. Should we announce this?

No announcements are made, ever. Read the convention card!


Some players play quite weird stuff here. They certainly have suggested defenses?

No suggested defenses are provided. You are completely on your own.